Biological hazard projects

Find here project reports associated with microbial hazards that are the primary cause of foodborne illness.

Biological hazards, usually microbiological, are the predominant causes of foodborne illness. Projects described in this section encompass:

  • reservoir and source attribution
  • analytical and molecular typing methods
  • baseline food and environmental surveys
  • growth and inactivation kinetics
  • predictive microbiological models
  • development and evaluation of control measures
  • assessment of risk for biological hazards.

As well as the reports listed below, in this section, you can also find project reports relating to Campylobacter, Salmonella, Listeria, STEC, foodborne viruses and other bacterial micro-organisms. Click on the relevant pages in the left-hand menu.

The following project reports relate to biological hazards. You can also find these and other documents by searching directly in the food safety Industry eLibrary.

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