Overview – human health surveillance

MPI gathers foodborne illness and attribution data and publishes scientific reports with the aim of reducing the incidence of foodborne illness. If you’re new, start here.

About the programme

The human health surveillance science programme encompasses projects that aim to improve the surveillance of foodborne illnesses, and to attribute its incidence to reservoirs and food sources.

If we are to control the incidence foodborne disease, it is necessary to:

  • identify common sources or reservoirs, and the principal ways in which the diseases are transmitted
  • understand how often specific hazards in particular foods cause people to fall ill
  • determine when illness is caused by other sources such as environmental exposure, direct animal contact or human to human exchange.

The science programme for human health surveillance takes place within MPI’s food safety risk management framework and enables:

  • the systematic and ongoing collection, collation and analysis of data about the incidence and causes of foodborne diseases
  • timely dissemination of information to those who need to know so that action can be taken
  • the formulation and monitoring of MPI’s strategies to reduce food-related risks.

Annual reports

The section about the human health surveillance science programme is split into various sub-sections. Most pages contain links to technical reports associated with each programme. Use the menu on the left to find your way around.

You can find more information in the following sub-sections:

  • Surveillance reports – the documents you can find here relate to the research projects that make up the human health surveillance programme.
  • Attribution of sources of foodborne illness – find all the documents relating to the sources of foodborne illness in New Zealand.
  • Foodborne disease annual reports – get access to the annual reports relating to foodborne illness in New Zealand.
  • What’s new –  check this page regularly for important updates relevant to MPI’s human health surveillance science programme.

Related information

Information specific to the foodborne disease surveillance science programme is contained in this section. If you want to find out how this scientific work is implemented within New Zealand’s food industry, refer to the Industry requirements and Policy & law sections of the website.

Industry requirements

Policy & law

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