MPI Food Science Academy

The MPI Food Science Academy comprises external science experts and ensures that the best advice and help is available when specific issues or emergencies arise.

How the Academy helps MPI

The MPI Food Science Academy provides MPI with access to a wealth of external technical expertise and knowledge from people who are familiar with MPI’s food-related services and activities. The members of the Academy are invited by MPI to be participants in the Academy.

What Academy members do

All members are recognised experts in food safety and suitability related areas, who are able to broaden and complement the range of skills within MPI. They contribute by:

  • responding to occasional questions from MPI staff
  • keeping up to date with MPI activities
  • attending the Academy’s annual meeting
  • taking part as invited in working group activities – either on topics determined at the annual meeting, or as a response to emerging issues.

You can find the current membership of the Academy and their meetings by clicking on the relevant pages in the left-hand menu.

Terms of Reference

The Academy’s role is set out in its Terms of Reference. This explains the Academy’s role, how it operates, the areas of expertise that it covers and how appointments are made.

You can find out more in this document.

MPI Academy Terms of Reference

Relationship of the Academy with MPI

Academy members are autonomous of MPI and their views are independent. Although Academy members and other experts may be invited by MPI to undertake contractual work from time to time, this is always subject to declaration of any potential conflict of interest.

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