MPI's Risk Management Framework (RMF)

The work of MPI's Food Safety Science Group contributes to MPI's RMF, which ensures the systematic assessment, management and communication of food safety issues.

About the RMF

The RMF is a process for systematically managing the food safety and nutrition issues that MPI addresses. Applied logically, the RMF ensures maximum benefit from a risk-based approach to food safety and nutrition.

Benefits of the RMF

The RMF ensures that MPI’s strategic direction is based on science-based development and includes the following benefits:

  • It establishes food control systems which achieve acceptable levels of consumer protection.
  • It ensures that regulatory decisions are in proportion to the health risks involved.
  • It allows innovation and flexibility in applying regulatory control measures.
  • It supports the industry by facilitating technical advice and helping to develop tools that manage food safety risks.

How the Food Safety Science Group impacts on the RMF

The Food Safety Science Group plays an important role in providing scientific and technical advice that services efficient application of the RMF. It provides scientific and technical inputs at all stages of the RMF and also assists risk

The RMF process

The RMF is a 4-step process and works as a cycle, reflecting the continual quest for better scientific data, which then informs risk management decisions. For example, when risk managers work through the process, they may review old standards or evaluate scientific information about new or re-emerging hazards.

flow chart

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