Fees & charges

If you import prescribed foods, you need to pay for all processing activities and testing associated with each consignment of these foods.

To minimise charges, please ensure all documents are complete and you have included all supporting information before you send in your application.

Where to find fees & charges

Fees and charges, inclusive of GST, are listed on application forms and other relevant documents. Find these in the 'Related information' panel to the right. In some cases, as well as a flat charge, you may need to pay an hourly rate for assessment, sampling or verification.

Central Clearing House – your first port of call

Central Clearing House (CCH) is the part of MPI that inspects imported prescribed foods and clears them for entry into the country.

If you are an importer or customs broker in New Zealand, contact CCH with your importing enquiries.

For more about CCH's role, see the 'Import Clearance Procedure' page, in the menu to the left.

Contact CCH

Central Clearing House
Ministry for Primary Industries - Verification Services
19 Richard Pearse Drive, Airport Oaks, Auckland
PO Box 53030, Mangere, Auckland 2022
Email: imported.food@mpi.govt.nz
Fax: 09 909 6208
Phone: 09 909 6210 or 09 909 6211

Charges specific to importing

MPI can ask any food importer to provide samples. If the samples are of prescribed foods, these will be at your own expense. In addition, laboratories will charge you directly for testing costs.

If you import prescribed foods, you may need to pay for any of the below:

Single use permit - Central Clearing House (CCH)

  • Issuing a permit (Clearance of prescribed foods)
  • Sampling and inspection

Multiple release permit – MPI Approvals & ACVM, and CCH

  • Issuing or renewing an MRP (Approvals)
  • MRP annual audit (including inspection, verification and review) (CCH)

Storage and transport – your own expense

  • Transportation to nominated warehouse
  • Storage at nominated warehouse

Lab testing - MPI-listed laboratories

  • Contact MPI-listed laboratories for specific costs.

Other costs

  • If the Central Clearing House supplies you with equipment (for example, containers) for safe and proper storage of samples, you will be charged for this.
  • There may also be other costs, as defined by other government agencies such as Customs and Biosecurity.

New importers: paying charges to the Central Clearing House

You must be listed with MPI before importing food for sale. There is no charge for listing. You can list with MPI and Customs at the same time by completing Customs Form 224.

Customs Form 224 (Client Registration Application) New Zealand Customs Service.

There are other charges associated with importing food.

There are 2 ways to pay these charges to CCH. You can:

  • set up an account with MPI (Finance)
  • make one-off payments for one-off consignments. You need to pay in advance, by cheque or credit card. If you pay by credit card, phone MPI Accounts Receivable on: (04) 894 0187. You must request a receipt at the time of paying, and present this to the Central Clearing House as evidence of payment.

If you intend to import regularly, the best way to prevent delays is to ensure you have set up an account before applying for your first Single Use Permit.

Complete the following form and send it to the Central Clearing House. Their contact details are at the top of this page.

Application for Credit Facility Form (39 KB PDF)

MPI will do a credit check, and get back to you.

If you already have an account with another MPI department, please ensure you inform the Central Clearing House Staff.

More about fees & charges

Fees and charges are set out in the Food (Fees & Charges) Regulations 2007.

For more about the regulations governing fees and charges, see the 'Policy & law' section, in the menu along the top of this page.

Policy and law - Fees & charges