Registering your Risk Management Programme (RMP)

Once you have gone through the steps to develop your RMP (and where necessary had it evaluated), you need to register it with MPI.

This page tells you what you need to submit with your application, and what happens next.

Apply for your RMP to be registered

Your application for registration must include:

  • your RMP, or RMP outline (as described in the RMP manual)
  • a completed application form
  • the application fee (this is listed on the form)
  • a statement from a recognised verification agency that it will regularly verify your RMP
  • an evaluation report by a recognised evaluator (not needed if the requirement for evaluation has been waived).

Send these to the address on the RMP application form.

Registration of RMP: AP4 application form

Get your RMP assessed and registered by MPI

MPI assesses your RMP application, and, once satisfied, registers your RMP. Your RMP must be registered with MPI before you start producing product for trade.

See the flow diagram below for information on MPI timeframes and tips on how to submit a complete application.

Application process – New or Amended

Next steps

Once your RMP is registered with MPI, you can start producing product for trade.

Now it's up to you to ensure processes are carried out in accordance with your registered RMP, all the risk management activities are working effectively, and records are kept. Your recognised agency will visit and verify your records regularly to confirm that your RMP continues to deliver product that is fit for purpose.