Overseas Market Access Requirement Notification

Meat Overseas Market Access Requirements             Priority:  Normal
Contact for Queries: John Lee, Programme Manager (Market Access) File:  M600-999
Date:  12 March 2002 (1) Publication Ref: OMAR

OMAR 02/018 -  Meat Meal: Export Certification

Under section 60 of the Animal Products Act 1999, I notify the following overseas market access requirements entitled " OMAR 02/18 Meat Meal: Export Certification ".

This notice takes effect from the date of signing.

Dated at Wellington this 12th day of March 2002.


John Lee
Programme Manager (Animal Products)
(Acting under delegated authority)


Rendering Sterilisation Declaration Requirements


Operators of rendering facilities producing meat meal for which special sterilisation declarations for export certification are required to be provided, must be able to provide supporting evidence of any claims made.


The operator must document the process and clearly describe:

  • the factors affecting sterilisation;
  • acceptable limits for each factor;
  • methods of monitoring compliance;
  • corrective actions.


The factors for consideration may include:

  • protein: ash ratios
  • moisture content
  • fat content
  • product inflows and residency times
  • discharge rates
  • temperatures of input raw materials
  • equipment
  • gas and steam
  • fat inversion phases as they affect moist heat and dry heat sterilisation
  • particle size
  • pressure applied to raw material


Operators must keep records of:

  • monitoring results
  • corrective actions
  • non-complying product.


The process description, as it relates to sterilisation must be validated by an independent body recognised by MAF Food, e.g. AgResearch Limited - MIRINZ Centre.




Technical Directive 99/32 Meat Meal: Export Certification is revoked and replaced by this OMAR Notification.




For the purposes of this document:

export certificate is the form of an official assurance determined by the Director-General pursuant to section 62 of the Act

MAF Food means the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Food Assurance Authority


Any term or expression that is defined in the Animal Products Act 1999 and used but not defined in this document has the same meaning as in this Act.

Explanatory note

Technical Directive 99/32 Meat Meal: Export Certification, is due to expire as a result of the sunset clause. This OMAR is a repeat of the TD.

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