Technical Directive 00/81

Priority:  Urgent
From:  Judy Barker, Programme Manager (Risk Management Programmes) File: 
Date:  30 June 2000 (1) Publication Ref:  IS 6, IAIS 6 Sections 3 and 4, TD 99/66

Post Slaughter Management; Un-Validated Refrigeration Rooms or Processes

1 Introduction
1.1 TD 99/66 required all premises to have completed validation of post slaughter refrigeration facilities by 1 July 2000.   As at the 26th June 2000, the majority of premises had not received recognition of validation of their refrigerated rooms or processes by MAF Verification Agency.  There is a backlog of submissions that have yet to have received evaluation, there are submissions which have not yet been received and there are submissions that have not met the criteria for validation and customisation will need to be considered.
1.2 The Director of Animal Products has allowed an extension of one week in order that the backlog of submissions may be processed and late submissions may be received.  In the event that post slaughter refrigeration facilities have not been recognised as valid after the 8th July the default position set out in this directive will apply.
2 Procedures
2.1 If the validation data has been received by the Verification Agency person authorised to evaluate the validation before 8 July 2000, then the company can operate according to the parameters set out in the document.  If the data does not support validation, and the case is rejected by the evaluator, the company shall then operate according to the conditions outlined in 2.2 (a) or 2.2 (b) below.
2.2 In the event that validation data has not been received by the Verification person who is authorised to evaluate the validation before 8 July 2000, or that the evaluator has rejected the case, then the following conditions shall apply:








Where a design specification for a refrigerated room exists*:

IS6, IAS6, Section (b) shall apply in respect of carcass chillers.

IS6, IAS6, Section shall apply in respect of carton chillers/freezers.

IS6, IAS6, Section 4.3.3 (b) shall apply in respect of offal chillers/freezers

*New chillers/freezers, shall be initially operated within the capability for which they were designed and constructed.  Validation of the refrigeration capability of the chiller shall be performed when operations require the room to be used at a capacity of 90%, or greater, of the design capacity.

Note: warm boning shall only be permitted if the design specifications have taken warm boning into account.

Note: hot boning must comply with PHI, the requirement to achieve 7 ºC in 24 hours has been deleted.

All product shall be subjected to refrigeration without delay.









Where no design specifications exist (Meat Regulations 1969, regulations 40(1) refers):

Carcass chillers shall operate at an off evaporator temperature of 7 ºC or colder, maximum fan speed and carcass skids shall be spaced not closer than the following centres:

lamb 350 mm
Sheep 450 mm
Bobby calf 450 mm
Pig <30kg 450 mm
Pig >30kg 500 mm
Deer 500 mm
Cattle (sides) 500 mm

Carcasses shall be subjected to refrigeration without delay and shall remain in the chillers until they meet the temperature requirements for cold boning.

Carton freezers and chillers shall operate at a air temperature and fan speed settings normally used for maximum throughput except the product load (weight or number of cartons) shall not exceed 75% of previous maximum throughput. All product shall be subjected to refrigeration without delay.

3 Implementation

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