Technical Directive 00/37

Priority:  Urgent
From:  Phil Ward, Programme Manager (Generic) File:  M300-100
Date:  20 March 2000(1) Publication Ref:  M4, M16

ASURE NZ: Quality System

1 References
1.1 TD 99/165
2 Background
2.1 The MOU between MAF Food and ASURE NZ provides for the provision of an ASURE quality system approved by MAF.
2.2 ASURE NZ has provided a Post-Mortem Inspection Manual for consideration. A draft of the ante-mortem manual is expected within the next six weeks.
2.3 The quality system has been assessed in terms of whether or not it meets the minimum requirements set by MAF Food. Where possible these requirements are given as outcomes. ASURE NZ, along with any other organisation subject to MAF specifications, is able to design procedures, methods and recording forms, which achieve the requirements in the manner that best suits the organisation.
3 Procedure
3.1 MAF Food and ASURE NZ have discussed several sections of the manual where the intent and procedure could be clarified. These changes will be dealt with in a future amendment.
3.2 With this caveat in mind, MAF Food, Animal Products, has approved the Post-Mortem Inspection Manual comprising the following:

Amendment No.


Issue No.

Amended Section(s)

N/A 30/9/99 01 Full manual
1 10/1/00 02 3.1.2 – 3.1.4

3.2.1 – 3.2.3

3.2.7 – 3.2.18

2 8/2/00 02 All of section 2
3 7/3/00 03 2.2.3 & 2.2.4
4 15/3/00 03 2.2.1 & 2.2.2 & 2.3.1
5 17/3/00 03 2.2.3 & 3.2.17
3.3 ASURE NZ has implemented work instructions to prevent the issue of any amendment without MAF Food approval. Future amendments of the manual can be assumed to have approval without the need for notification by technical directive. This mechanism is subject to the normal audit procedures operated by MAF Food.
4 Implementation
Note:  This Technical Directive was amended 12 July 2000
Reference 3.2  amend number 5, date
Replace "17/0/00"
With "17/3/00."


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