Notice of Exemption in Respect of Exporter Registration

PURSUANT to sections 50 and 167 of the Animal Products Act 1999, the Director-General hereby makes the following notice.


Travellers Going Abroad

Any person travelling from New Zealand to another country accompanied by goods containing or consisting of animal material or animal products (as those terms are defined in the Animal Products Act) is exempt from the requirement to register as an exporter under the Animal Products Act in respect of those goods provided:

  1. The goods are for the personal or non-commercial use of the person accompanying the goods.
  2. The goods meet any conditions for goods of that kind imposed by the foreign government of the country to which the goods are taken.

This notice takes effect from the date of notification in the New Zealand Gazette.

Dated at Wellington this 12th day of May 2000.

Bruce J. Ross, Director-General, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Note: Date notified in New Zealand Gazette, 18.5.00.(No. 52, p1140)